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During recent years, Republic of Macedonia has faced serious pollution issues, where its capital and Tetovo, where Eco Vent is based, were proclaimed as some of the most damaged areas worldwide regarding pollution. A crucial way to battle pollution would be Eco Vent's idea to improve air quality by providing adequate solutions in the field of ventilation, heating and air conditioning.


ECO VENT L.T.D marked its official inception in 2011 due to serious aftermaths and continuous need for ecological products that would have a significant improvement for the air quality and further contribute towards the welfare of the whole ecosystem. But there is much more to the history of Eco Vent and its beginning than the aforesaid introduction. Eco Vent operates within the HVAC sector, thus being B2B and B2C oriented cooperating company aiming to provide services and fabricate products within its industry. Here at Eco Vent, we are in charge of designing, manufacturing, implementing and trading our products in order to provide a diverse range of services regarding the HVAC sector and its residential solutions.

Prioritizing and investing in innovation, technology and production capacity since its foundation, has transformed Eco Vent in one of the absolute leading brands in the HVAC sector in Macedonia. The experience, proficiency and know-how in the ventilation sector enabled Eco Vent on initiating the production of air ducts in 2013. Integrating the latest production technology, the company has reached one of the highest production capacity in Macedonia and the region.


Throughout years of existence and positive reputation, our employees have been carefully chosen to be a perfect fit for appointed positions, evidently within the HVAC field, as we now count on the expertise of several qualified mechanical engineers, production managers and strategic decision-making managers. There are around 20 employees Breathing Differently around Eco Vent's premises, although this number temporarily doubles during certain seasonal periods. Being a team driven on enthusiasm, work ethic and innovative vision, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services while simultaneously witnessing annual sales boost. We are constantly adding new features and creative strategies in order to make it easier for clients to fulfill their requests, that's why we plan to integrate multiple online platforms to also conduct online business, engaging with our customers even more efficiently. Other than that, we have cultivated a strong bond with our human capital asset, training them and investing in their skills and personalities in order to improve their abilities and communication and servicing skills.