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We're hiring! Come work with us.

Start or continue your career by working at our company. We offer excellent working conditions and a great setting at Eco Vent, giving you the chance to continually improve and advance yourself professionally in order to feel ready to face future difficulties or inconveniences. The values of our company consist of a mutual respect between the management board and company's employees, therefore you will represent an important part of our team and will be regarded with due respect as a significant part of the Eco Vent family. We're enthusiastically looking forward to our fruitful collaborations.

Don't forget to apply when applications are available.
All interested ones may send their CV to: info@ecovent.com.mk , and we will get back to you.

Eco Vent Hires!

Vacancy Announcement

Job Position: Administrative Assistant

Document Management
Material Provision

Education Degree:
High School/College

Previous Job Experience:

Working on more projects at the same time
Self-initiating the fulfillment of working duties
Knowledge of the English Language

Making or creating offers/billings
Material Provision

What we offer:
Warm and motivating working atmosphere
Development and self-advancement opportunities at work

Working offer/contract for 24 months!
All interested ones may send their CV to: info@ecovent.com.mk , until: 10.07.2018.

Eco Vent hires!

Send you CV no longer than 30.04.2018 - info@ecovent.com.mk

Position: Air Conditioner Fitter and Repairman
Description: To fit VRF, multi-split systems, split systems.
Candidates need to fulfill the following requirements:

- Self-initiative on performing work tasks and duties.
- Communication and organization skills
- Be able to work in group and on the field
- Be able to work under pression

Driving License – B Category
The minimum working contract: 12 months

Mail your CV to: info@ecovent.com.mk

Eco Vent Hires!

Vacancy Announcement: Store Manager

Candidates need to fulfill the following requirements:

- Good computer working skills (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word)
- Knowledge of Albanian and Macedonian Language
- Basic Knowledge of English Language
- With or without previous working experience

Work Schedule: 09:00 - 17:00
Monthly Salary: 18.000 den + insurance
Minimum working contract: 12 months.

All candidates are kindly requested to mail their CV to: info@ecovent.com.mk

Еkо Вент Вработува | Eco Vent Punëson

Оперативен Меначер/ набафка

Опис на работно место:
| Водење на тековна документација,
| Набавка на материјали.


Работно искуство:
| Во областа.

Вештини и способности:
| Одговорност,
| Работа на повеќе проекти истовремено,
| Самоиницијативност,
| Познавање на англиски јазик.

| Изработка на понуди/фактури,
| Набавка на материјали.

Што нудиме:
| Пријатна атмосфера за работа,
| Можност за напредување,
| Договор 36 месеци според закони

Сите заинтересирани да го испратат своето CV на:
Menaxher Operativ / Furnizimet

Përshkrimi i punës:
| Udhëheqje e dokumentacionit
| Furnizimet e materialeve

| Shkollë e lartë/ fakultet

Përvojë pune:
| Preferohet

| Përgjegjsi
| Punë ne më shumë projekte njikohsisht
| Vetëiniciativë në përmbushjen e detyrave të punës
| Njohje e gjuhës Angleze, Maqedone

| Krijim i ofertave/faturave
| Furnizim i materialeve

Çka ofrojmë:
| Atmosferë pozitive ne punë
| Mundesi per zhvilim ne punë
| Ofertë pune 36 muaj simbas ligjeve

Te gjithë te interesuarit dergojeni CV tuaj në